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Sally-Ann Thomas

A Little About Me

Born and raised in Melbourne’s outer east I moved with my family to sunny Queensland in 2003. I’ve had a varied working life and done a lot of different things all of which, I believe, were leading me to the point where I could ignore it no longer and I became a Celebrant.

I have loved public speaking since I was a schoolgirl (yes, eons ago) and write creatively almost every day. I have traced my family history back to the late 1500’s and the hatches, matches and dispatches recorded, generation after generation, I find inspiring and reassuring. Humanity marches inexorably forward but what is most important to us, at the core of our being, remains unchanged.

I identify as having faith, but I’m not a fan of labels. I am a fan of inclusion, acceptance and unconditional love.

More than anything else, I love to be of service to people, and I feel privileged to have developed the perfect skill set to make the celebration of your life event memorable and meaningful.

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Moreton Bay Celebrancy Lasting Memories of Life’s Special Moments



During one of the most exciting times in your life I would be thrilled to help you bring your  perfect day to fruition. Together we can create a custom ceremony that you will look back on with love and pride for the rest of your lives.

The choices are endless, from a simple ‘just do it’ with you and a couple of witness right through to a ‘big fat wedding’ with all the bells and whistles. I’m happy to go as traditional or unconventional as you like. (Yes, even cosplay)


Traditional Rites

Funerals – I can help you craft a tailored funeral service as a fitting tribute and the last gift you
will give to your loved one.

Baby Naming – Marking the birth of a child is a rite of passage that we have observed for millennia.

Commitment/Renewals – A memorable way to mark a special anniversary or celebrate an ongoing partnership.


Outside the Square

  •  Adoption
  • Re-naming Ceremonies
  • Family Blending
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Companion Animals
  • This is Your Life
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